What our
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We've had mega success with our fans telling their friends how much they love Bestival, so big up to StreetTeam for growing our advocates year-on-year.

Photo of Rob da Bank
Rob da Bank Founder, Bestival

We’ve been so impressed with the level of commitment shown by our brand ambassadors. Purely because we can see them out there, plugging the event, talking to their friends about it, while sales are increasing every week. We're very impressed with the performance.

Photo of Jeff Gray
Jeff Gray Promotions Manager, South West Four

The StreetTeam platform and service is an essential asset for us. Their phenomenal team and technology coupled with strong customer service makes StreetTeam a must for every serious ticket selling show.

Photo of Reece Miller
Reece Miller Director, We Are FSTVL

To our big surprise, ticket sales from ambassadors started to come in almost immediately after setting up our ambassador scheme using the StreetTeam platform. Even though we launched it with very little time left before our festival, it surpassed all our expectations and ended up being one of the biggest sales contributors outside of our own marketing campaigns. We are looking forward to expanding our use of their product across our global portfolio.

Photo of Michael Julian
Michael Julian Director of Marketing, SFX & Electric Zoo
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Our clients have ambassadors
around the world

How it works Create

Easily create and customise your ambassador site, and get your fans promoting and selling tickets to your event in a matter of hours.

How it works Seed

Spread the word about your ambassador programme and turn your most influential fans into a powerful salesforce.

How it works Engage

Build relationships with your ambassadors and keep them informed and motivated. Post and share content, and gather valuable feedback from your community.

Community Managers

How it works Report

Track and optimise the performance of your ambassador programme with easy access to all the data you need, from tickets sold to popular content, and insights about your ambassadors and their friends.


  1. Ambassadors

    • How many ambassadors do we have
    • When did they join
    • How are they performing
  2. Propagation

    • What content is performing best
    • How many tickets have been issued
    • Where are we selling the most tickets
  3. Sales

    • How many tickets have we sold
    • Who are our top ambassadors
    • How is the programme performing

Our pricing

  • Performance-based pricing
  • No upfront cost
  • No monthly fees

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Software features included:

  • Recruit ambassadors
  • Set up a custom reward scheme
  • Create a bespoke ambassador website
  • Community management and content sharing
  • Payment processing
  • Sales reporting
  • 3rd party ticketing integration

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